America’s Cup Bermuda Legacy and Sustainability Committee

Today’s Royal Gazette brings a good article on the government’s intent to create lasting benefit for Bermuda out of the America’s Cup.  It also is a perfect showcase of a missed opportunity of the current government to properly communicate the benefits America’s Cup can bring and what they’re doing to improve things.

In the article it mentions that there is an America’s Cup Bermuda Legacy And Sustainability Committee that is “working on finding and encouraging investment in the island.”

“One of the things the Legacy Committee is working on is a pitch book, providing a publication of opportunities for investment in Bermuda, which can be shared with the people who are now interested in investing in Bermuda.”


The committee has been around since Sept 2015 and yet nearly a year later this is the first substantial mention of it.  This is a squandered opportunity as they could be promoting it a great deal more and raising awareness.

In the age of the internet it is rather shocking that communication and public awareness is not a much larger portion of initiatives like this.  Creating even a simple blog to post updates would go a long way.  Doing so allows you to empower the community to echo your efforts.  Not doing so instead empowers the community to question your silence and doubt your efforts.