Innovation in Bermuda, or the lack thereof

Singapore has recently announced real road trials of self driving taxi’s starting today. There are many examples of self driving mini-bus trials.  These are the kinds of experiments that could have been perfect for Bermuda because we have a fairly controlled environment, potential legal flexibility and we make a perfect place for trials and modelling concepts.  Yet, what real examples are there?  Nearly none.

Why aren’t we leading in any areas?

But.. but.. fintech…?!?

Sure, we have Trunomi, who definitely deserves a mention.  Meanwhile XL Catlin is making headlines for investments in

Two companies based in New York, one in San Francisco.  XL’s venture capital fund?  It’s based in California.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: what are we doing wrong?  Why isn’t Bermuda a top choice for startups and innovation.