Non-partisan economic public relations

Buried within a surprisingly strongly worded opinion article in today’s gazette was the following:

Perhaps we need to consider embodying a public relations answer to the nonpartisan Spending and Government Efficiency commission to underscore how very interconnected and interdependent we all are within Bermuda’s fragile economic system.

A blue-riband body comprised of political, corporate, labour and community leaders with a mandate to explain and to promote economic stability, reduce our vulnerability to internal disruptions and to encourage sustained growth and living standards by way of public hearings, televised and online sessions, and other traditional and social-media initiatives may be the most effective way to go.

This is one of the big missing pieces of Bermuda’s political picture.  So few people really understand the local economy, how it works, and how differing factors impact it.

It has been suggested before, Bermuda fails to clearly explain the jobs expats create. That should be a top priority of any government wishing to really garner support for international business from the electorate.

People lament and debate “trickle down economics” and claim it doesn’t work with little to no actual analysis.  We should have a thorough review alongside a comprehensive PR campaign explaining exactly what the average expat worker contributes to the local economy.

For example, the following charts should be readily available, explained and publicized.


Every Bermudian should be made aware of the contributions expats make to our local economy.  We need to combat the false belief that Bermudians should replace as many expat workers as possible.  It is ludicrous to think that every Bermudian wants to work in international business.  Instead, we should be doing what we can to attract more expats, provide them with reasonable housing so they don’t strain our infrastructure and as a result, create a more vibrant economy and a greater variety of job options for Bermudians.