World series bookings by country

Someone is wrong on the internet

One of XKCD’s greatest – someone is wrong on the itnernet

The other day I made the mistake of getting caught up in comments on the Royal Gazette.

One of the commenters was suggesting that they didn’t think any tourists came to the island for last year’s world series event.

Seeing as I have the inside scoop having built the system used to book the on water spectator boats and do the registration for local boats, I took a quick look at the stats.  Unfortunately I can’t say which world series event as we were denied the ability to promote ourselves as a vendor since we provide the booking solution for Island Tour Centre who managed the boats, but I’m sure you can figure out which one.

Anyway, I rediscovered some fun stats in google analytics about where people booked from and thought I’d share.  I wasn’t going to parse the data for just the spectator boats but I got carried away and had to export some data from google analytics and then got far too fancy with excel.

Overall it was a pretty good distribution of bookings (representing 1 or more tickets) from a variety of countries with many bookings made upwards of a month in advance.  It’s worth noting that this data uses google analytics, so many of the Bermuda bookings could have been made by tourists or on behalf of tourists while on island.

Anyway, better get back to work