Too many confusing talking points

What is the OBA doing?  Honestly?  Their PR messaging is completely baffling it should be no surprise that they’ve left themselves no option but to punt the airport deal into February.  They are confusing and don’t have a clear message.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Here’s a good example, when justifying the project they simply provide too many confusing and unrelated talking points.

“The funds that will be freed up with the creative approach of building this new airport can go towards other areas such as:

  • “Renovating our schools;
  • “Introducing speed cameras and roadside testing of impaired drivers;
  • “Enabling Government to provide cost of living increases for seniors; and
  • “Implementing progressive payroll tax reform to ease pressure on lower income earners.

None of these points are related to the airport deal and it isn’t obvious how “funds will be freed up”.  What funds?  We have no money and the current airport generates some revenue that we’re giving up.

It just boggles the mind. Why is the message so confusing? Why don’t they keep it simple? Why aren’t there 3-5 key value points that make the project indisputable rather than a raft of unrelated gibberish like speed cameras? People need to be sold on the project, not sold on a bunch of other unrelated initiatives.