MPs who vote on the airport contract should be wholly informed

Opposition Leader David Burt makes a valid point in his rebuttal to the selection of the “blue ribbon panel”

‘The OBA refuses to share the airport project agreement with MPs who will ultimately vote on the contract, but will disclose this information to a panel with no legislative authority who he arrogantly states will “come to the same conclusion that I came to some time ago”.’

What is the point of having a parliamentary vote if MPs aren’t wholly informed on all of the terms of the deal.  By all means, every parliamentarian should be subject to non-disclosure expectations and not be allowed to publicly disclose details which remain private (why portions are private is a separate debate).  However, by no means should MPs be expected to make a decision based upon incomplete information.  To be absolutely clear: MPs being required to debate and vote on something to which they are not provided all details makes as much of a mockery of our parliament as blocking it does.

Frankly the PLP would make more of a positive statement simply stating they will boycott any vote on which they are not wholly informed and allowed to make a complete decision. In order to have a functioning two party democracy the opposition needs to participate. Make it clear that the OBA does not respect democracy and thus what is the point in participating if we live in a dictatorship anyway? That would garner respect and awareness not only locally but abroad as well and would make far more sense than blocking parliament which disrespects both democracy and the will of the people.

People wonder why I have little faith in either party, this is why. Ultimately neither party seems to respect democracy and both are more focused on winning than truly putting Bermuda first.