Time to call someones bluff

The OBA has a decision to make.  Either make an exception for Reverend Genevieve-Tweed in the case of his work permit or release the details of why his work permit renewal was turned out (beyond having not advertised for Bermudians).

Reverend Genevieve-Tweed was out today claiming that no communications were made during the appeals process.

Today Mr Tweed told his supporters that “during the appeals process, we heard absolutely nothing from any of them — except after a decision had been made”.

To my knowledge, this is the first time he has publicly addressed his application and he has made claims about the process.  Since he has now publicly accused the immigration department of obstruction in violation of their policies then one would think they are now free to defend themselves.  At least, assuming what they claim regarding the application process is true.

Time for the government to put their money where their mouth is and release the details of the application.  It’s time to find out who’s been telling the truth and who’s been bluffing.