Why the OBA is failing to get buyin on the airport deal

The grand failure on the part of the OBA is that they’re pushing this whole airport deal as if their choice is the only option. This the problem with their style of governance. They can’t seem to figure out that today’s modern information based society requires a different governance strategy. They must involve the people in the decision making process.

The OBA are non-consultative ivory-tower politicians who keep following the same failing strategy. Here is roughly their approach to nearly every issue:

  1. Try to figure out the “right thing to do”
  2. Come up with a plan or legislation in isolation
  3. Announce the plan
  4. “Educate” the people on the plan
  5. Force through the plan or abandon it if there is too much backlash

It fails every time because it treats the masses like they’re stupid. It really doesn’t matter if their option is the best choice. Today’s internet based society is completely different than society was in the past. People have a lot more access to information and it raises a lot more skepticism. The people must be involved in the decision making process.

The OBA has to learn how to change its strategy or get used to the idea of being the opposition. They must focus on educating people on the choices not their solution. Only then can they guide people on why their choice is the right one. The people need to understand why the OBAs choice is the best one, not be told that it is.