Only 5 non-Bermudian jobs were added in 2015. FIVE

The latest stats I’m aware of from the 2016 Job Market Report shows that the “Other non-Bermudians” category added a total of 5 jobs.  The PLP and BPSU are making this out like it’s some sort of huge number.  Like Bermudians are falling behind while non-Bermudian jobs are in abundance.  Is there more up to date statistics available or simply sensationalizing things for political gain?

In the PLP’s recent reply to the budget statement they lament “At the same time, just like last year, the number of guest workers employed in Bermuda has increased.”

During the BPSU panel on the job market BPSU President Jason Hayward laments that Bermudians are losing their jobs while non-Bermudians are seeing job growth.

Where are they getting their statistics?  Are there 2016 numbers available or are they actually making a huge issue that there were literally a small enough number of non-Bermudian jobs added that you could count it on one hand.