What is the OBA’s education policy and present status?

The Minister of Education has a statement in Bernews today:

Minister: Committed To Our Children’s Education

Here’s the thing.  The first third of it talks about the union and the PLP’s misinformation.  The second third is the budget statement portion for education. The final third are some feel good platitudes.  What was the point here as I’m not getting it?

Yes, money was spent on education… and?  Perhaps do a little bit more explaining why this was necessary, what the value was or specifically rebutting the Union and PLP’s points.  Randomly accusing them of misinformation, trotting out the budget statement and then making some feel good statements honestly leaves me confused.

At the moment there is nothing on the OBA’s website regarding education that I can find and the 2012 platform has disappeared.  Going back in Bernews we can see there was a previous statement made in early June.

Minister: ‘They Now Claim To Have All Answers’

Yet when you look at it, a third is used to attack the PLP, then the remaining two thirds are a long winded statement.

This is one of the problems with this election.  How is anyone supposed to know what the OBA’s position is on education if their biggest focus is attacking the PLP and everything is published as a word for word statement.  It simply isn’t digestable.  Give me bullet points, diagrams, infographics.  Something that helps me get the gist of it.  Even a well formatted document with some bolded section headlines would be a step forwards.