Before worrying about price controls, start with Unit Pricing

There’s a debate on “MAJ’s list” on facebook regarding the high prices of items in one grocery store over another.  It highlights a key thing I wish we’d see the government introduce: legislated unit pricing on price labels.

Here’s a great example thanks to a quick google search.

Many countries legislate unit pricing as a means to make it easier to compare products. Bermuda unfortunately is like the wild west.  Some things have a per unit price, others don’t. Usually they aren’t listed on the pricing label.

For example, look at frozen chicken in marketplace. They have numerous different brands, all with different quantities for different prices but no easy way to compare price per lb/kg. I usually have to take out my phone and do it manually. If you’re really lucky you get to shop in Supermart in St. Georges where most things have no price labels at all.

How is anyone supposed to be price conscious and hold stores accountable when it is very difficult to compare prices?