Political communications in the pull-refresh era

One of the big criticisms of the OBA’s period of governance was poor communications. They simply failed to keep the people informed of what they were planning and what they were doing. Two months into the new PLP government and people are starting to make the same complaints. The problem likely is that the internet has vastly changed the people’s expectations for levels of communication and governments haven’t yet managed to adjust.

The always enjoyable to watch local video commentators “It’s That Type of Party” laid out pretty well what the problem is.  A lack of trust and transparency.

“The government needs to treat Bermuda like an emotionally damaged girlfriend or boyfriend. We need to be reassured that in choosing you, our needs will be met. We need to be updated with what is going on. We need progress reports. We need a call at 3 O’Clock in the morning to know ‘hey this is what I’m doing, I’m just letting you know whats going on'”


“We need to know whats going on because if we’re left in the dark we’re going to be like, ok, umm… what’s going on, I don’t hear anything. I put my trust in you but I don’t see where my trust is going. Whether or not my trust is being put right. Whether or not I made the right decision in voting for you. Whether or not you are going through with the policies that you are trying to put forward. We don’t know what you’re doing.”


In the new age of the internet where much of the world is at your fingertips and new information is a google search or a pull-refresh update away, the people are restless. We have seen years of governments who haven’t delivered.  We simply don’t trust our politicians to deliver anymore.  The government needs to take a modern approach that makes progress a living thing that is regularly updated and the people are kept informed.

It is incredibly difficult to stay on top of what the government is doing.  The OBA loved press conferences.  It seemed like everything was a video press conference with a long winded statement.  It is simply too much.  One shouldn’t have to sift through endless video or text to figure out the status of initiative.  It should be clear and concise.  We need simple transparency with clear references of what the status of each initiative is.

What does that mean?  The government needs to create pages like this that clearly illustrate the status of every initiative undertaken pledged by the party as well as initiatives by government departments.  We need to know and be reassured that the our government is focused and delivering on what they set out to achieve.  Simple bullet point lists and summaries are enough.  Easy to access pages that can readily be referenced and referred to but link to further information.  Something like this:

So, in absence of the PLP and the government creating such pages, there is a new link in the menu of this site that links to a page dedicated to the PLP’s 100 days plan.

The aim is to track the progress and status on each initiative so we can ensure that the government is delivering on their all of their pledges in time for the celebration of their first 100 days in office.