The problem with Casinogate

In Bob Richard’s last public interview he suggested that the public doesn’t know the full story behind the Jetgate scandal.

Mr Cannonier sensationally resigned in May 2014, to be replaced by Michael Dunkley, after being involved in the Jetgate controversy along with Cabinet colleagues Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell.


Mr Richards would not divulge the full story behind the scandal, but told The Royal Gazette: “The public doesn’t know what happened. Craig was made to be the fall guy.”

This is a problem for the OBA that they simply just don’t get.  They don’t have the trust of the public.  They gain nothing trying to point fingers at the PLP for Casinogate while they have no actual evidence of any wrongdoing. If anything, it damages their cause.

The optics of trying to make a huge deal out of “Casinogate” are at the moment terrible and unlikely winning them any support.  Was there a trip?  It certainly looks like there wasn’t. Was one planned? Possibly. Is there any evidence that money or bribes were taken in exchange for future concessions?  At the moment, no.  Is there any evidence of any unsavory actions?  At the moment, no.  There is seemingly no evidence that it was anything more than a trip.  Is there more to it, there sure could be, but at the moment there is no evidence.

Many OBA supporters are up in arms suggesting the OBA should attack the PLP with the same fervor as the PLP attacked the OBA with regards to Jetgate.  The problem with that reasoning is that when the former Deputy Premier and Finance Minister comes out and says that there was more to their own scandal that hasn’t been revealed then it leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth.  The OBA needs to clean out their own skeletons before focusing on the PLP’s.