Would the PLP intentionally trigger a constitutional crisis and use it to further the cause of independence?

Today’s Royal Gazette has a great editorial on the present conundrum we face regarding same sex marriage.  We risk the government causing a constitutional crisis by trying to push through a law that could violate the UK’s responsibilities to uphold human rights.  If the UK denies the law royal assent, that could be used as a basis to argue for independence.  Would it?  No one is certain, but it is a possibility.

There is a lot of speculation regarding this issue however it does align with what I’ve been wondering over the last few days.  Triggering a constitutional crisis with the UK alone could be disastrous for economic confidence and rapidly tank our economy. Using that as an argument for independence could make things even worse.  The thing I really don’t get is whether this issue is wholly avoidable?

It would seem to me that the fix is to

  1. Adjust the law along what the PLP pledged in their platform to allow for civil unions and protect against discrimination
  2. Adjust the law to remove the right to marriage

What am I missing here?  It would seem that going straight to #2 would cause a constitutional crisis but going to step #1 then step #2 would not.

I’m certainly no expert in law or constitutional matters so I assume it can’t be that easy. Perhaps someone more informed can explain why this route is not an option?  At the moment it seems to make a whole lot more sense than unnecessarily causing a constitutional crisis and risking tanking our economy.