Calling people in IB whiners is not likely to be a great source of growth.

Sadly things are looking less and less positive for our future with each passing day.  I had faith that this time would be different but that faith is fading quickly.  We desperately need growth alongside realistic cost cutting.  We certainly aren’t cutting costs and we’re shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to growth.  I have no idea how referring to international business as whiners is encouraging for growth.  It is frightening how most people don’t recognize how truly fragile our position is right now.  These are exactly the kinds of statements we don’t need.

In today’s Royal Gazette (emphasis added)

Walton Brown, Minister for Home Affairs, said the international business community was “one of the impediments” to a fair tax system in Bermuda.


He added: “There are elements in international business who just whine when you talk about a fair taxation system. Our system means that the wealthier segments get a tax break.