The front page of today’s paper shouldn’t contain my commentary

Today is day after the 100th day of the new PLP government.  My commentary shouldn’t be on the front page of the newspaper.  Instead the government should have made it clear what they accomplished in time for the 100th day rather than waiting until next week to table a report.  The sheer lack of communications on the part of the government meant the paper looked for pretty much anyone who had actually been tracking the first 100 days to quote.  It is certainly not a good sign when the editor would rather publish the commentary of an unaccomplished nobody over the government.

The last time my commentary was on the front page it overshadowed the last government’s announcement of their election platform.  That proved to be a bad omen.  One could only wonder why the editor would choose to highlight my commentary over the platform.  What did that say about the platform?  What did that say about the level of excitement about the prospects of the next government?  I tend to think it didn’t say good things.

It is sad that my commentary is news.  I don’t relish the idea of being on the front page and suspect it is largely because I’m one of the only regular commentators out there vs. having many great insights. The first time it happened was shocking as I had expected my commentary to be filler content. This time is not as surprising but saddening for what it implies.  Personally I would rather make the front page because I had accomplished something more than being an armchair critic.  Critiquing is easy, being on the front lines driving change and facing criticism is incredibly difficult.  A large reason why I take the time to write my thoughts is not to pretend I know better.  I’m a novice at most things and an expert at very few.  Instead, I write mostly to provide some feedback and practice some of the things I’m poor at, like writing and communications.  In the case of these 100 days, my goal has been to demonstrate how I would like to see our government and opposition communicate progress.

So, what does my commentary being on the front page on the 100th day imply?  What does it say about what the PLP have accomplished in their first 100 days and how they’ve communicated it?  What does it say about the opposition OBA and how well they’ve ensured the PLP is delivering on what they promised?  What does it say about my own thoughts and commentary?  Does it say a lot without actually saying it?  Should my commentary really have been front page news?