Why am I tracking The First 100 Days pledges?

The purpose of tracking the First 100 Days progress is to highlight how I believe the government and the opposition should be communicating and tracking progress.  Neither the OBA or the PLP have managed to strongly communicate their efforts in the modern age of the internet.  Each has room to improve how they get their message out to the people.  It is not the aim of the page or this site to ambush or sabotage the government, nor is it the aim to do the job of the communications department.  The First 100 Days Scorecard is a reflection of how clearly progress is communicated to the people and an example of how I would like to see it done, not a go to source for updates.

A reader wrote in to say that the PLP gave a variety of status updates for the First 100 Days at their delegates conference.  They recommended I watch the live recording and put up updates.  As a struggling entrepreneur I do not have the time to watch and parse a video to distill the government’s updates for them.  Even if I did that isn’t the aim of my page.  It is the job of the government and the opposition to clearly communicate through as many means as possible what their messages are to ensure their message gets to the people.  That is not the job of this site and frankly it isn’t the job of the media either.

I was very critical of the OBA for their constant use of press conferences and verbose statements to make announcements (see twitter).  I regularly commented with regards to their communications efforts and the lack of explanations and clarity that led to problems with initiatives like immigration reform and the airport project.  The government needs to take responsibility for managing its own message.  Any failure to do so is an excuse.  The PLP were relentless in attacking the OBA for their poor communications.  I wasn’t terribly kind either (as a lowly armchair critic). As such, the PLP cannot expect to get a waiver from being expected to improve communications.

The government needs to make information as readily accessible through every medium possible as they can.  This is 2017 not 1917.  There are a wide variety of easily accessible and low effort mediums that can be used to communicate the government’s and the opposition’s message.  There is a whole communications department in government with paid staff whose job it is to communicate progress.  There are government websites.  Social media like facebook and twitter.  A government TV channel.  Youtube.  Instagram.  You name it.  A wealth of accessible mediums available each speaking to different audiences.  In order to get your message out you need to utilize as many as you can.  This site is just a sample of what I’d like to see in terms of a regularly updated page that provided bullet point updates on pledges.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to put up a wordpress website and make regular updates.  If a struggling entrepreneur can make time a few minutes each day then certainly it should be possible for a government with a near billion dollar budget to do it.