Ranking tech hubs and what makes them appealing

A reader sent in a link to an interesting article of 2017 tech hub rankings.  The ranking itself may largely be subjective, however it is interesting to note the criteria used to measure appeal as they are fairly indicative of what we need to be considering.  It seems they’ve tried to balance appeal for both starting a business as well as attracting talent.

The company behind the ranking provides a number of measures they use.  In 2016 they used 8 categories.

4 Work factors

  • Time To Start A Business
  • Seed Funding
  • Startup Output
  • Average Salary

4 Life Factors

  • Cost of living
  • Average Rent
  • Paid Vacation
  • Average Commute

In 2017 they expanded the list

  • Early staging funding
  • Startup Experience
  • Cost of living
  • Paid Holiday
  • Software Engineer Salary
  • Cost of Monthly Travel
  • Time To Start a Business
  • Monthly Rent
  • Growth Index
  • Startup Output

These kind of things are worth noting, especially those that are under Bermuda’s control such as the Startup Experience and the Time to Start a Business.  Toronto and Montreal score high in the rankings because you can start a business in 2 days.  How long does it take in Bermuda?