Where is the better deal on the airport?

In the run up to the election the PLP hammered the OBA on having struck a bad deal regarding the airport. So much so that parliament was physically obstructed over how bad of a deal the airport was suggested to be.  They assured the people that a better deal could be had and that they could deliver it. We’re 6 months into a PLP government and have yet to hear anything regarding the better deal they promised. Where is the airport project review and what is the status on the better deal?

Originally it was a first 100 day campaign promise to review and try to get a better deal.

The wording suggested a review would be done, but when the 100th day passed, clarification was made to suggest that the pledge meant a review would be commenced, not completed.

In keeping with our promise to the people of Bermuda, this latest development and the overall arrangement are the subject of a full review
Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

We were told that the government had set a goal to finish the review by December.

The controversial airport redevelopment deal is under review by an international firm of consultants, Minister of Transport Walter Roban said yesterday.


Mr Roban told The Royal Gazette: “Our goal is to finish by December.”

So it’s now January.  Where have the results of the review been published and what kind of better deal has been achieved?