So what happened with the changes to the bus schedule?

It is interesting to read that the buses will be off the road on Monday as bus drivers protest the lack of buses, breakdowns, and working conditions.  It raises the question of what happened with the changes to the bus schedules to make it more efficient and alleviate much of the strain.

My understanding is that in 18+ years the bus drivers have yet to agree to and ratify any substantial changes to the bus schedules.

There have been numerous attempts over the years to restructure the schedules to reduce reliance on overtime, make routes more efficient and reduce wear on the buses.

In some cases, the union negotiators have agreed to the changes but when put to a vote among the bus drivers it has failed.  It has been suggested that the requirement to put any schedule changes to a vote for approval for the drivers was part of the collective bargaining agreement of 98 or 99.

This would suggest that the bus drivers are a key roadblock to the very things that they’re complaining about but it would mean cutting back on overtime.

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but it’d be good to know the full story behind why it seems like we’ve had numerous announcements regarding a new schedule but one never seems to have appeared.