First 100 Days Scorecard

Updated Feb 20th, 2018 (not all pledges have been reviewed to confirm status at this time)

100th day was: October 26th

  • 8 Completed On Time
  • 1 Completed After 100 Days
  • 11 In Progress
  • 1 Not Started / Unknown

This page tracks the progress of the PLP’s pledges for their first 100 days in office. Feel welcome to comment on the page (with a reference) to suggest a progress update or where a pledge has been full-filled.

In the first 100 days of your next PLP Government, we will execute the following plans to bring immediate change to Bermuda’s society:

  • Re-establish the Bermuda First advisory group consisting of local, international business and community leaders to develop a long-term economic and social vision for Bermuda.
    Renewed Pledge

    Oct 26th: Bermuda First group reformed
    Sept 8: 2017 – Renewed pledge
    (Bernews) Full Text & Highlights: 2017 Throne Speech

  • Appoint a Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator to have a singular focus on implementing programmes to reduce gang violence and anti-social behaviour. The PLP will give reducing gang violence the priority it deserves.Completed

    Oct 4: 2017 – “As we promised in the First 100 Days Platform, Pastor Bean’s singular focus will be on implementing programmes to reduce gang violence and anti-social behavior. He will be the lead in those areas designed to engage various aspects of the community including clergy and local employers, all with the goal of transitioning young men and women away from the gang lifestyle with viable social and economic alternatives.”
    (Bernews) Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Appointed

  • Grant additional powers to the existing Price Control Commission to examine ways to reduce the cost of living in Bermuda.

  • Nov 30th 2017 – “Amendments to the Price Commission Act would give the commission greater teeth — and a new name.”
    Premier looking to cut cost of living through more competition

    Nov 3rd 2017 – “ I am pleased to advise this Honourable House that Honourable members will be invited this month, to consider a Bill to grant additional powers to the Price Control Commission aimed directly at reducing the cost of living in Bermuda.”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Sept 8: 2017 – Renewed pledge
    (Bernews) Full Text & Highlights: 2017 Throne Speech

  • Conduct an urgent review of health and safety in all public schools to ensure that all our students and teachers are learning and working in a safe environment.
    In progress

  • Nov 17th 2017 – Minister of Education has yet to receive report “I anticipate receiving the report so we can look to put together a comprehensive plan to address the findings of this report.”

    Minister Diallo Rabain On Various Intiatives

    Nov 3rd 2017 – “an assessment of the health and safety priorities for all of our public schools has been completed” (when will it be released to the public???)
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 29th 2017 – ‘the Health and Safety Office is “currently in the process of preparing a Summary Report of all inspection findings.”’

    Review Of Health & Safety In Public Schools


    Oct 29th 2017 – ‘The Department of Education advised that Prospect Preschool will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, saying that they apologise “for any inconvenience to parents, however the health and safety of the preschoolers as well as the staff has been our primary concern at this time of mould abatement work.”’

    Prospect Preschool To Be Closed Mon & Tues


    Sep 30 2017 – “Teachers at a preschool walked out yesterday over worries about air quality because of mould.”

    (The Royal Gazette) Staff walk out at preschool over mould


    Sep 20 2017 – “Tina Duke, head of Dellwood Middle School, is confident the problems that have plagued the school are almost solved.”
    Ms Duke said she had yet to get a report on work at the school, but was confident she would get one as soon as remedial work is finished.
    School back to normal, says Dellwood head


    Aug 31 2017 – “Dellwood Middle School will remain closed but all other schools will be open when the new term begins on September 11.”
    “Reports on structural, mechanical, electrical and health and safety building inspections of all schools will be prepared to ensure a “complete picture” of the condition of schools in the future.”

    (The Royal Gazette) Dellwood closed, other schools ready

  • Provide financial support to students in need to ensure access to Bermuda College for all Bermudians.

    $193,714 has been expensed from the $300,000 grant to the Bermuda College, leaving a balance of $106,285 which will be used to assist students with their tuition in the 2018 Spring semester, Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain said in the House of Assembly today [Sept 29].

    (Bernews) Financial Support For Bermuda College Students

    $300,000 was provided to the Bermuda College to increase financial aid

    (Bernews) Minister: $300,000 In Additional Aid For College

  • Increase job training to prepare Bermudians to fill jobs held by guest workers.

    Nov 17th 2017: “The registration drive steadily continues. Several trades man have already registered taking advantage of the fee waiver” [Note: I still do not appreciate how registering Bermudian trades equates to increasing job training for jobs filled by guest workers]

    Minister Diallo Rabain On Various Intiatives


    Nov 3rd 2017: “this Government implemented initiatives over the first 100 days which will provide business and educational opportunities for our local entrepreneurs and tradespeople.”
    “With the fee for National Certification being waived until the end of this year, the Ministry of Education and Workforce Development is committed to getting persons working in specific occupations registered and certified”

    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 26: There was mention of a “Holistic Jobs Plan” which was not clear if it was specifically related to the pledge: “The Government is planning to go a step further and put a holistic workforce development plan in place that would ensure there are direct pathways to connect with jobs.” Planning to put a plan in place doesn’t speak to a pledge of actual jobs training increases targeting jobs held by guest workers. Source:
    Holistic Jobs Plan

  • Commence the installation of Wi-Fi in all public schools and ensure that all schools have functioning computer labs so our students have access to the latest technology.
    In progress

    Nov 17th 2017: “The installation of Wi-Fi in schools to cover computer labs, libraries and gyms is currently underway and will be finished by the start of 2018 School year” (All schools?)

    Minister Diallo Rabain On Various Intiatives


    Nov 3rd 2017: “I can advise Honourable Members that Purvis Primary and East End Primary Schools have commenced WiFi installation and before the end of this school year, all schools will be equipped with this required technology.”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Sept 8th 2017: “In the last seven weeks, this Government has moved aggressively to fulfil its 100-day pledge to commence installation of Wi-Fi in public schools. When students of East End Primary School and Purvis Primary arrive at school next week, wireless 9 Internet will have been installed. The Government will complete the installation of Wi-Fi in all primary and middle schools by the end of the school year.”
    (Bernews) Full Text & Highlights: 2017 Throne Speech

  • Provide access to funding to community clubs via a loan guarantee programme enabling them to upgrade their facilities and become self-sufficient while employing Bermudians.
    In progress

    Nov 3rd: “Cabinet has approved the loan guarantee programme for community clubs and we will shortly communicate to clubs how they can take advantage of this programme which sees government at its best: working for the people who work to enrich our communities.”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Sept 25th 2017: “To this end, an initial meeting was held with several community sports clubs on September 7th at the Warwick Workman’s Club. The purpose of the meeting was to get early feedback from the clubs on what their needs might be in terms of facilities upgrading and youth programming.’
    source: (Bernews) Loan Guarantees, Financial Assistance & More

  • Double the guarantee capacity of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) to give more access to capital for entrepreneurs.

    Oct 14 2017: “The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation used just a third of its guarantee capacity to support businesses last year.”Government plans to double BEDC capital
    Sept 29th 2017: Cabinet has approved the increase of BEDC’s capital from $1 million to $2 million thereby laying the foundation to assist many more local entrepreneurs through doubling its guarantee capacity,” Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons said in the House of Assembly today [Sept 29].’
    source: (Bernews) Minister: Increase In BEDC Loan Guarantees

  • Appoint a Director of Cooperative Economics at the BEDC to promote cooperatives within Bermuda to boost community-based economic empowerment.

    William Spriggs will take on the post of Director of Economic and Cooperative Development with the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, it was announced today.

    Spriggs to head up new BEDC unit

    The BEDC will also place an increased focus on cooperative economics which will be led by a director of Cooperative Economics at the BEDC.”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days


    Mr Butterfield is now working as an adviser to Jamahl Simmons, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. Mr Butterfield has been tasked with creating an independent post of director of co-operative economics at the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, and reviewing human resources practices and policies at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

    Source: Cabinet salary bill rises by $150,000

  • Conclude negotiations with Public Sector Unions to ensure continued provision of high-quality public services.
    In Progress

    Dec 8th: Minister Foggo said, “To date, Collective Bargaining Agreements have been executed with the Bermuda Public Services Union and the Fire Services Association. Agreements in principle have been reached with the Bermuda Industrial Union and the Bermuda Union of Teachers. It is expected that these agreements will be executed within the coming days.

    “Talks continue with the Prison Officers Association and the School Principals. The School Principals are represented as a separate bargaining unit by the Bermuda Public Services Union. Talks with both groups are at varying stages though it is anticipated that they will progress quite quickly.

    “The Bermuda Police Association has not as yet given notice of its intent to commence negotiations.

    Minister Foggo Updates On Union Negotiations


    Nov 17th: 2.5% pay hike – “This was not a negotiated raise, but an offer from the Government as they realized that there had been no increase for any government worker for many years.”

    The BUT will return to the bargaining table early in the New Year to begin talks for a new collective bargaining agreement. 

    Teachers Union Welcomes 2.5% Pay Raise


    Nov 3rd 2017: Public sector unions are currently at the negotiating table. A negotiating team is meeting regularly with each representative union and the mandate given to that team by this government is to re-establish confidence in the process and to do what is feasible to engender again a respect for the labour of the workers of this country.
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Sept 1st 2017: The Bermuda Union of Teachers voted yesterday to abandon a work to rule for the start of the new school term.
    … The other two issues — the workload of deputy principals at the primary level, and a change in the foreword to the collective bargaining agreement to include “modern and relevant” learning — are expected to be settled in the next few weeks.
    source: (The Royal Gazette) Teachers end work to rule

  • Establish a Bipartisan Committee on Immigration Reform to ensure fairness in our immigration system while putting Bermudians first.

    Oct 10th 2017 the Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown announced the names of the members of the newly-formed Bipartisan Committee on Immigration Reform.
    Those members are: PLP MP Renee Ming, PLP MP Christopher Famous, OBA MP Ben Smith and OBA MP Leah Scott, with Minister Brown Chairing the group.
    (Bernews) Bipartisan Committee On Immigration Reform

    Establish a Tax Reform Commission to make Bermuda’s tax system fairer and increase Bermuda’s global competitiveness to stimulate economic activity and to create jobs for Bermudians.In progress

    Nov 3rd 2017 – “In these first 100 days this government has established a Tax Reform Commission”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days
    Oct 25 2017 (Added Nov 3rd) –  “Legislation to create a commission to look at changes to Bermuda’s tax system was today approved by Senate.” Senate: Commission on tax backed

    Oct 11th 2017 – Tax Reform Commission Act
    Sept 8: 2017 – Renewed pledge
    (Bernews) Full Text & Highlights: 2017 Throne Speech

  • Reverse the OBA’s immigration policy which removed the requirement that businesses who bring in overseas entertainers must also employ a Bermudian group at the venue at the same time.
    In progress

    Nov 3rd 2017: “Government is currently reviewing the immigration policy proposed by the Musicians Union. Shortly, stakeholder groups will be consulted before finalising the policy.”
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Sept 15th: “the policy relating to musicians/entertainers is being enhanced to ensure that Bermudian musicians and entertainers are given fair opportunities for employment.”
    Source: Changes To Immigration Policies & Procedures

  • Install fitness equipment in Bermuda’s public parks.
    In Progress

    Nov 3rd: Ministry of Public Works has identified outdoor fitness equipment which will be installed at Astwood Park

    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

  • Review the privatisation contract between AECON and the Bermuda Government for the L.F. Wade International Airport to see if Bermuda can get a better deal.
    In Progress

    Nov 3rd: Speaking of travel, this government is confronted with a contract for the construction and 30 year management of a new terminal at the L.F. Wade International Airport which has now been upended by the potential sale to a Chinese firm of Canadian Company Aecon.

    In keeping with our promise to the people of Bermuda, this latest development and the overall arrangement are the subject of a full review
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 23rd: The review is being conducted by the Bermuda Airport Authority. The Authority, on behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda, oversees the performance of Skyport, regulates fees, provides retained government services and procures energy for the facility. The Authority has already engaged P3 experts LeighFisher to assist in the analysis of the Project Agreement.”

    Airport Deal: “All Options Are Being Considered”

    Oct 6th: Airport Mail Facility mess

  • Issue a Request for Information (RFI) for the establishment of a Technology Hub at Southside.

    Oct 23rd: An RFI was apparently published on Oct 13th with a closing date of Oct 31st. Unfortunately no press releases or media coverage was seemingly provided so this was only updated Oct 23rd.

    ( Technology Hub Request For Information

  • Implement the SAGE Commssion’s recommendation to establish three permanent Parliamentary Oversight Committees in order to improve governance, reduce waste and increase efficiency.
    In Progress
  • Nov 27th: Select committees get the green light


    Nov 3rd: The Standing Orders and Privileges Committee will submit changes to standing orders to create Premier’s Question Time, implement the SAGE Commission’s recommendation to establish three permanent Parliamentary Oversight Committees and that committee will soon ask this Honourable House to approve a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians.
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 20th: “The establishment of a parliamentary committee is a matter for the Speaker and not for the policymakers,” the Minister said, adding that, “The Ministry of the Cabinet Office with responsibility for Government Reform is committed to working with the Legislature to ensure that these committees are realised.
    Source:Procurement, Committees & Ministerial Code

  • Update the Ministerial Code of Conduct to ensure that the Cabinet is held to the highest ethical standards.
    In Progress

    Nov 3rd: (see Parliamentary Oversight Committees) Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 20th: The now amended Ministerial Code of Conduct, which is expected to be tabled in the coming weeks, requires a Minister, as soon as possible after the receipt of all gifts of any value, to disclose the gift and also to disclose “all hospitality from any source which might reasonably be thought to influence Ministerial action in any manner.”

    Source: Procurement, Committees & Ministerial Code

  • Implement a Code of Conduct for members of Parliament.

    Nov 3rd: (see Parliamentary Oversight Committees) Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 26th: No specific mention of “members of parliament” was made as part of the Ministerial Code of Conduct. References were only to requirements for Ministers. Likely this is an oversight in communications of the contents of the proposed code of conduct.

  • Implement the Code of Practice for Project Management and Procurement
    In Progress

    Nov 3rd: (see Parliamentary Oversight Committees) 
    Premier Burt On Government’s First 100 Days

    Oct 20th: the Code of Project Management and Procurement has been now been finalized and will be tabled in the House for information in the coming weeks, with the Code setting out the requirements and procedures for the procurement of goods and services.
    Source: Procurement, Committees & Ministerial Code